Matthew Z Stout (fliberdygibits) wrote in hometheater,
Matthew Z Stout

New to community

So I'd love to get some opinions, ideas, maybe even photos if anyone has.....

There was a time when a home theater fanatic could purchase component after component.. Amps, Receivers, EQs and preamps, CD players, VCRs, Laserdisk, Power conditioners, etc....etc..... and all where the same size. When stacked neatly they looked like a carefully arranged stack of high tech equipment.

Now however we've added to our collection game consoles of every size and shape, not one with a flat surface for further stacking. Media streaming devices, network players, Location shifters, Home Theater PCs, every size from paperback to Microwave oven. All of this adds up to a misshapen cacophany of mismatched gadgets and googahs in an arrangeemnt only vaguely resembling neat. Not to mention three times as many cords running everywhere.

I have a yamaha Amp, Sony DVD library, Apple TV, Roku Netflix Player, WD Tv, WII, Playstation 3, and Xbox and Xbox 360, HDMI switch and 2 USB hard drives and it's all I can do somedays to not feel like a radio shack truck exploded against one wall of my living room.

I'd love to know what creative approaches people in similar situations have taken to acheive form equal to function in their setups. Perfect cases for their HTPCs, the perfect stand that does the job but doesn't take up too much room, clever cable management, etc.....

Thanks four your time and info:)
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