20 Minutes into the Future (eric_wright) wrote in hometheater,
20 Minutes into the Future

Good HTDV options for gaming?

I have an Xbox 360 (and finally caved-in and bought a PS3), and I decided I was ready to buy an HDTV. I bought a Samsung LN40A650.

The picture quality is absolutely incredible. Clear, crisp, amazing color and contrast, everything...

But it has horrible lag:

I don't watch movies, I don't have cable. I bought this TV specifically with gaming in mind. While, yes, I probably should have researched online for input and also tried the TV in store, I got a good deal when I was in the store, and figured I'd just get it and shouldn't have to worry.

Well unfortunately, I do have to worry. I've already tried all resolutions, vga/hdmi/component, etc. It's unacceptable for gaming.

I'm returning it sometime this week, and I'm gonna go for something else; does anyone have any suggestions on HDTV for gaming? When TVs list "response time," they're talking about how long it takes for the picture element to change, it has nothing to do with how long it takes the internal circuitry to process the signal information. Thanks in advance if anyone has any suggestions :)
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