gp4free (gp4free) wrote in hometheater,

HDTV audio help

 I have a Vizio HDTV with a cablevision  explorer 4250 HD cable box. I am using the HDMI cable from the box to the TV. I bought a Panasonic SC PT-1050 Home Theater system. I hooked up to the left and right audio out on the cable box to the AUX left + right audio in on the DVD player. When I listen to the TV through the Surround system the volume is VERY limited. When listening to a CD or DVD the sound is awesome. I had the same problem with a Phillips system before this. I returned the system thinking it was the problem but obviously it wasn't. Am I doing something wrong? When I tried the audio out from the TV to the DVD I got no sound at all. Does anyone have any ideas? 
gp4free in need of VOLUME!

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What are the audio out connections from the TV?
analog out left+right. It seems to me its something with the cable box or because I'm useing the HDMI cable?
I dont know?
On the cable box or remote, crank up the volume control.
It has been my observation through selling HDTV's that in general Vizio TV's tend to be quiet units anyway.
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January 20 2009, 22:01:19 UTC 9 years ago

settings in the explorer settop, fixed volume and change the range from narrow to normal