Fiendish (in_remission) wrote in hometheater,

Noob needs help connecting PC to older HDTV

Im very new to all this HDTV and video stuff, and am messing with my computer, and I have it connected to my HDTV projection tv, so I can watch movies and shows Ive downloaded..its a pain though.

I build the computer myself, has a 1.6 cpu intel and 1 GB of ram. I have movies and music stored on a 300 GB hard drive but my Windows drive is only 30 GB of which is running very low on space.

I have the tv connected with a DVI cable to the DVI video card in my PC.

I have to manually drag the video player from the desktop over to the TV, and position it so I can see it. Its a pain.

I know other home theater geeks have their computers connected and stuff like this but not sure how.

Of course they have much more expensive LCD/PLASMA TVs that are better for this then my older projection tv which is not good for doubling as a computer monitor at all...just for videos and stuff. Eventually Ill upgrade to a nice 42 inch + LCD but for now I cannot afford it.

Anyone give me any advise how to do this?

I have that firefly/snapshot video card with the crappy remote control also, but I stopped using it, because it Windows crashes it every dammed time I open it and try to use it.

Also, is Windows XP Home right for this situation or do I need Vista or Media Center?

I dont want to be able to use the TV for web surfing, as the resolution on the Projection TV loosk horrible when I try but video looks ok.

I canceled my cable tv, cause I can download or watch my programs on their websites for free. I dont watch much tv as it is to pay for it.
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