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Hi there first post here.

I am assuming from reading the posts below that "Help me, I know nothing" posts are welcome. So thanks for whatever anyone can offer in terms of advice.

Just bought a Vizio HDTV, connected to a DirecTV DVR receiver. I am thinking audio and am totally freakin' confused. I have an old Sony Receiver and assume this is obsolete in terms of connecting to the new equipment. I am looking for a relatively low cost option for getting some surround or virtual surround sound. The TV has a Digital Audio Out (Optical) port if that means anything. Do I need to buy a receiver or just speakers? Or does it all connect to the DirectTV receiver? Any HTIB options you would recommend? I would like to avoid one that has a DVD player as I am thinking of waiting the whole HDDVD/Blueray thing out...

Thanks in advance for tolerating my ignorance...
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Oh and the DirectTV receiver has the same digital audio out ports...
You'll need both a receiver (which is more of a decoder) and speakers. Sky's the limit of course, but you can get pretty decent 5.1 sound for a good price. Your DVR should have an optical out (aka TOSLINK), and any receiver worth buying will take it as input. I bought a $300 Yamaha unit from BestBuy and it's so very worth it. Now, I have a small sized living room, so I don't need much power. Nor am I a big audiophile, so the details of the sound don't really matter to me. But it provides good sound and plenty of volume.
Thanks very much. I may not have made the exact right choice but I bought this:

I realize that it's a low-priced system but I have kinda trusted Sony over the years, plus this was one of the only models at BestBuy, Circuit City and BJs that had that optical in! I also wanted to avoid a HTIB that centered around a DVD player--I thought a receiver would be more versatile, and may want to get a HDDVD or whatever in a year or so when that war is resolved.

The reviews seemed pretty good...thanks again for the help!!