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New to LJ, new to community

Hello all. Just thought I'd introduce myself to my fellow home theater junkies here on LJ. I've built 2 home theaters so far. For the first one, I converted the single car port of my 3-car garage into a small dedicated space using mostly Pioneer Elite and Polk Audio equipment. That was nice, but when I moved I knew I wanted something fancier, so this is what I did:

(Click image to enlarge)

More details and an equipment list can be found on my site: The Vault

Anyone here a member of avsforum?
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Wow, very nice.

As for avs forum, I'm a member, though rarely get a chance to read it, as there are far too many new posts every day, though it can't be beat when I have a question I need answered.
I know what you mean...I frequented avsforum religiously while I was building my theaters, but haven't really been reading much there lately. I agree. It's a fantastic resource.
I'm also a member, but I spend most of my time posting at

P.S. Very nice theater! Your webpage is very well done as well, it's nice to see the whole progression and a home theater that isn't tacky :)
I've never heard of htguide. Will have to check it out sometime :)

Thanks for the kind words. I'm so glad I put the website up because my home server crashed a few years ago and I lost a ton of photos that I had taken during the construction phase — not to mention a ton of family pictures as well. I had done weekly panoramics from various angles so I could see the progression, but those are now all gone. The website is all that's left :(
Wow right on. That looks almost like my dream home theater would other than your choice of colors. :)
lol. the color choice is controversial for a home theater, I know. But here's my rationale. The first one I did was a lot more traditional — blacks and grays all around, with dark green leather sofas. However, while it was great for movies and video games, it felt like a dungeon and I never really wanted to hang out there when I was done. I wanted this one to be more of a social/living space. Thus, the swivel chairs in front and the lighter palette. Feels much more homey now. ;)
Wow. Amazing theater. Nice work on the webpage, as well!
thanks. appreciate it. :)
Don't even want to know how much this cost, but you clearly did it right.

I'm a member, but I hardly ever check out the site except when I'm having problems.
lol. looks like a lot of us go to avs when we have problems. Good to know it's there when you need it, huh?
Most definitely.
yeah, definitely nice job on the theater. i'm jealous.
thanks. took me awhile to get to this point, but I'm definitely glad I did it. The construction was a real pain though.
Niceeeee!!!!!!!! Website is very detailed. The floor plan drawings look like they were done with Auto CADT.

Not a member of AVS (yet), but they solved my problem with a DVD player (Zenith DVB318).
Thanks cutrush. I did the floor plans in Adobe Illustrator.
very nice comfortable looking seatings
Thanks! The seats actually look more comfortable than they really are. I swivel chairs are really nice, but the couches leave a little to be desired. The good news is, the seats on the ends recline, so they're pretty comfy that way. But the middle seat on the front couch is really really bad.